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Magistrates have the authority to:

  • Accept guilty pleas, admission of responsibility and enter judgment for Infractions
  • Handle misdemeanor and infractions for cases involving:
  • Alcohol
  • Boating offenses
  • State Park/Recreational Areas
  • Littering offenses
  • Wildlife offenses (e.g., hunting, fishing, etc.)
  • Accept written appearances, waivers of trial or hearing and guilty pleas
  • Enter judgment and collect fines, penalties and costs
  • Issue arrest warrants
  • Issue search warrants
  • Grant bail or set release conditions (non-capital offenses)
  • Hear and enter judgments on worthless checks(<$2000.00)
  • Conduct initial appearances
  • Serve as Child Support Hearing Officers
  • Hear small claims complaints and Requests for Assignment
  • Administer oaths
  • Provide punishment for direct criminal contempt
  • Take depositions and examination before trial
  • Issue subpoenas and capiases
  • Take affidavits for verification of pleadings
  • Assign years allowances to surviving spouses and children
  • Perform marriage ceremonies
  • Take acknowledgment of written contract or separation agreement
  • Accept applications for involuntary commitments
  • Conduct hearing for driver license revocations
  • Validate vehicle towing by law enforcement
  • Validate impounding of vehicles in certain DWI/DWLR charges
  • Issue Domestic Violence Protection Orders



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