Suggested Research Paper Topics

  1. Research information on the first female state chief justice in the United States, Chief Justice Susie Marshall Sharp.
  2. Examine the dynamics of the tribal court system in Cherokee, North Carolina and compare/contrast it to the federal and state court systems.
  3. The North Carolina constitution has been changed dramatically from its original draft in 1776. Compare the predecessors to the original document. Why has the constitution had to evolve so much in the past two hundred years? What are the areas that have been changed the most or redefined, especially as they relate to the judicial branch?
  4. Analyze the influences political parties and interest groups could wield in court rulings such as tobacco or court redistricting. Students can pick an issue and track it for several weeks in the newspaper or could write an opinion on a recent event or issue and predict how political influence may influence the court.
  5. Have the students analyze a current or historic political cartoon on the judicial system. Ask the students to write a short summary of what the cartoon is about.