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Rules of the Judicial Standards Commission

N.C. Judicial Standards Commission Formal Advisory Opinions

Formal Advisory Opinion 2014-03
  • Should judges complete a document to certify that individuals submitting I-918B are victims of certain qualifying criminal activity and are, have been, or are likely to be helpful in the investigation or prosecution of that qualifying activity?

  • Should judges register with the USIC office of the Department of Homeland Security that they are a “Certifying Official” authorized to sign a I-918B on behalf of law enforcement agencies?

  • If a judge has already completed a I-918B, certifying his or her assessment of an individual as a victim of a qualifying criminal offense and the individual’s helpfulness in assisting in the investigation or prosecution of a criminal matter, what are the judge’s obligations in any future matter concerning adjudication of that individual?

Formal Advisory Opinion 2014-02
Is a judge required to disqualify from matters wherein a party moves for the disqualification of the judge based upon the fact that the party has filed a complaint about the judge with the Judicial Standards Commission?

Formal Advisory Opinion 2014-01
May a judge maintain membership in voluntary bar associations?

Formal Advisory Opinion 2013-02
May a judge participate in fund-raising activities on behalf of civic,charitable and other organizations as described in Canons 4 and 5 of the Code of Judicial Conduct, if the activities do not involve the direct solicitation of funds, goods, volunteer service, membership, etc.?







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