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Order Adopting Amendment to Rules of Continuing

Judicial Education (Adopted 5 February 2004)

Rule II(C), Requirements is hereby amended by adding a new paragraph at the end of the section to read as follows:

            “For District Court Judges designated as Family Court Judges, at least twenty-four (24) of the thirty(30) hours shall be continuing judicial education courses designed especially for Family Court.”

This amendment to the Rules of Continuing Judicial Education shall be effective upon adoption by the Supreme Court.

Adopted by the Court in Conference this the 5th day of February 2004. This amendment shall be promulgated by publication in the Advance Sheets of the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals. This amendment shall also be published as quickly as practical on the North Carolina Judicial Branch of Government Internet Home Page (

                        s/Brady, J.
                        For the Court


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