As directed by the Supreme Court, and by authority of N.C. Gen. Stat. § 7A- 13(d) (2003), the North Carolina Supreme Court Library Rules are hereby amended:

Section 1. Rule 2 is amended to add the following definitions:

     Rule 2. Definitions.
    (a1) “user” means:

         i.      justice, judge, employee, or volunteer of the Appellate Division of the General Court of Justice;
         ii.      employee of the State of North Carolina in the discharge of official duties; and
         iii.      practicing attorney licensed in the State of North Carolina.

    (a2) “authorized visitor” means:
         i.      employee of a user possessing permission on standard form issued by a member of the Library staff to visit the facility; and
         ii.      person possessing permission on standard form issued by the Librarian to visit the facility.

Section 2. Rule 3 is amended to read as follows:

     Rule 3. Hours.
    Except on State Holidays or when the Library Committee authorizes that it be closed, the Library shall be open to users and authorized visitors on Monday through Friday from eight-thirty o'clock in the morning until four-thirty o'clock in the afternoon.

Section 3. Rule 4 is amended to read as follows:

     Rule 4. Use During Regular Hours.
    Any user or authorized visitor who conducts himself acts in a quiet, orderly, and lawful manner and who abides by the Rules and the reasonable requests of the staff may visit the Library and reasonably use its material to such extent, in such manner, and for such duration as in the discretion of the Librarian or Assistant Librarian reasonably does not or will not interfere with the performance of the Library's primary function of serving the Appellate Division of the General Court of Justice.

Section 4. These amendments shall become effective March 1, 2005.

Adopted by the Court in Conference, this the 16th day of December, 2004. These amendments shall be promulgated by publication in the Advance Sheets of the Supreme Court. These amendments shall also be published as quickly as practicable on the North Carolina Judicial Branch of Government Internet Home Page (

                        Newby, J.
                        For the Court